2010-2011 Event

-Donated $5711.91 with a goal of $6000

We have raised money from CANNING downtown on the weekends, selling black and gold  BEADS at football tailgates, holding an all-male beauty pageant called Mr. LSPR, and holding DINE-TO-DONATES at Subway, Shakespeare’s Pizza, Friday’s, and Chili’s.

At the event, we received donations from holding a raffle/auction, with great prizes, all donated from local businesses and restaurants in or around Columbia.

-We raised enough money to send 2 children and their families to Disney World to make their dreams comes true- great job girls!

Special Event Coordinators: Lauren Manring & Julie Marasco


Location: Stoney Creek Inn

-In the previous year, we donated $2378, with a goal of $2000

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